Why Alfa’s GTV and Spider are well worth a look

The Alfa Romeo 916 GTV/Spider really offer true Pininfarina sports car looks on a budget.

While they may not be rear-wheel drive, which will upset the purists, they drive and sound great, whichever engine you choose.

From the raspy Twin Spark to the glorious V6, and the beautifully sculpted GTV coupe to the truly exotic-looking Spider, there’s a 916 for you.

The big draw for these cars is the glorious V6 engine. The majority of the UK-market V6s used a 3.0-litre V6 chucking out 217bhp, though towards the end of its life the 3.2-litre V6 found in the 147 and 156 GTA also graced the immaculately sculpted engine bay.

The lightweight JTS and Twin Spark engines are lauded for giving the 916 better handling over the V6. And while it lacks the bigger engine’s noise and sheer poke, the unit’s lightness makes the car much more fun to drive, and it still sounds great. This late-model, facelifted example looks fantastic.

If you really want to make people take notice, then the 916 is just as able to gain attention. Apparently just six Spiders were built in Zoe Yellow. Unlike Ferraris, you can leave a GTV Spider in a car park without fear of it being keyed.


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